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Goose Creek milkvetch, Astragalus anserinus, is a Federal candidate for listing as threatened or endangered that occurs in Box Elder County, Utah, as well as in immediately adjacent Cassia County, Idaho, and Elko County, Nevada. A member of the bean family, this species is a perennial herb with gray-slivery leaves on short, nearly prostrate stems 3 to 11 cm long and with pink purple flowers that bloom from late May to early June. Goose Creek milkvetch is found on semi-barren areas where it grows exclusively on silty, sandy dry tuffaceous soils weathered from the Salt Lake Formation. It is found in sagebrush, rabbitbrush, and juniper communities, at elevations ranging from 1,490 to 1,790 meters. Livestock grazing is currently the principal use activity throughout the range of this species, and trails and evidence of trampling through its habitat are commonly observed.


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