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Photo by Renee Van Buren
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Holmgren milkvetch, Astragalus holmgreniorum, is a Federally listed endangered plant that occurs in Washington County, Utah, and in immediately adjacent Mohave County, Arizona. A member of the bean family, this species is a dwarf, tufted, stemless perennial herb. It has pinkish-purple flowers with unique white-tipped wings; it blooms in April and May. Holmgren milkvetch grows in topographic sites where water runoff occurs and where the soil surface is covered by a stony or gravelly erosional pavement. The soils are derived from the Moenkopi Formation. Holmgren milkvetch grows in warm desert shrub communities, at elevations ranging from 805 to 914 meters. The most significant threat to this plant is the continuing human expansion into its habitat.


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