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Photo by Joel Tuhy
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Heliotrope milkvetch, Astragalus montii, is a Federally listed threatened plant that occurs on the southern Wasatch Plateau in Sanpete County and Sevier County, Utah. A member of the bean family, this species is a dwarf, tufted perennial herb with pink purple petals that have white wing-tips. It blooms from June to August. Heliotrope milkvetch grows in barren areas on shallow and very rocky soils derived from Flagstaff Limestone, at elevations ranging from about 3230 to 3322 meters.  It grows in subalpine communities of cushion plants and other low-growing species that are scattered within more extensive conifer, tall-forb, and grass communities. Domestic livestock grazing occurs within the plant's habitat.


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