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Photo by Joel Tuhy
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Aquarius Indian paintbrush, Castilleja aquariensis, occurs on the Aquarius Plateau and on the Boulder Top in Garfield County and Wayne County, Utah. A member of the figwort family, this species is a perennial herb, 12 to 30 cm tall, with spikes of flowers that are less conspicuous than their pale yellow bracts. Blooming occurs from late June to August. Aquarius Indian paintbrush grows in soils that are mostly clay loams or clay sands containing gravel, often with angular cobbles and rocks. Aquarius Indian paintbrush occurs in openings containing silver sagebrush / sheep fescue communities that are interspersed with conifer-aspen forest patches, at elevations ranging from 2790 to 3451 meters. Grazing appears to be the most significant threat to this species.


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