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Pilsbry (1948), in the work that presented the only report of this species in Utah, referred to it using the name Succinea stretchiana but commented: "S. stretchiana may be a [member of the genus] Quickella." North American species formerly referred to Quickella are now assigned to the genus Catinella. It should be noted that the Succineidae, to which this species belongs, is one of the least well understood, systematically and taxonomically, of molluscan families.

Apparently no infraspecific taxa (subspecies) are recognized within this species.

Status in Utah

The single reported locality for this species in Utah is "near Brigham City" (Pilsbry 1948), almost certainly in Box Elder County. No information regarding the abundance of this species in Utah is known.

Threats to this species in Utah are not known, but, since the species has aquatic affinities, alteration and degradation of aquatic habitat likely are threats, especially in the area of its one Utah occurrence, which is experiencing urban expansion as well as agricultural development. Population trend of this species in Utah also is not known; it has not been reported in the state since 1948 (Pilsbry 1948), but the collection date is not known, and it may have been much earlier.

Inventory is needed in extreme eastern Box Elder County to determine whether this species is extant in the area where it was historically collected in Utah as well as in other parts of northern Utah where it may occur.

This, like other members of the family Succineidae, is difficult to recognize, and thus it may have been misidentified or overlooked in collections of gastropods from Utah.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

The single report of this species in Utah (Pilsbry 1948) gave the elevation of the collecting site as 4,500 ft and noted that it was "on low marshy land".


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