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Photo by Mike Ottenbacher
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

The flannelmouth sucker, Catostomus latipinnis, is native to the Colorado River system of the western United States and northern Mexico. In Utah, the species occurs in the main-stem Colorado River, as well as in many of the Colorado River's large tributaries. Flannelmouth suckers are usually absent from impoundments. In recent times, Utah flannelmouth sucker populations have been reduced in both numbers and distribution, primarily due to flow alteration, habitat loss/alteration, and the introduction of nonnative fishes. Consequently, the species is included on the Utah Sensitive Species List.

Flannelmouth suckers are benthic (bottom dwelling) fish that primarily eat algae, although invertebrates and many types of plant matter are also consumed. The species spawns in streams over gravelly areas during the spring and early summer. Flannelmouth suckers prefer large rivers, where they are often found in deep pools of slow-flowing, low gradient reaches.


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