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Photo by Ben Franklin
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Jones' cycladenia, Cycladenia humilis var jonesii, is a Federally listed threatened plant restricted to the canyonlands of the Colorado Plateau in Emery County, Garfield County, Grand County, and Kane County, Utah, as well as in immediately adjacent Coconino County, Arizona. A member of the dogbane family, this taxon is a rhizomatous herb with round, somewhat succulent leaves, and small rose-pink hairy flowers that bloom from mid-April to early June. Jones' cycladenia grows in gypsiferous soils that are derived from the Summerville, Cutler, and Chinle formations; they are shallow, fine textured, and intermixed with rock fragments. The species can be found in Eriogonum-Ephedra, mixed desert shrub, and scattered pinyon-juniper communities, at elevations ranging from 1219 to 2075 meters. Off-road vehicle activity and the presence of mining claims and oil and gas leases on or immediately adjacent to known sites are the biggest threats to this species.


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