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Scientific Name

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Utah Taxonomy

This species has been referred to, in Utah, as Discus shimeki (e.g., Jones 1940a, Woolstenhulme 1942a) and Gonyodiscus shimeki (e.g., Chamberlin and Jones 1929).

All populations in Utah have been assigned to the subspecies cockerelli; however, the validity of this taxon is questionable (Pilsbry 1948).

Status in Utah

Eight Utah localities have been published. It is known from San Juan, Garfield, Sevier, Piute, and Wayne counties in southern Utah and Daggett and Cache counties in northern Utah (Ferriss 1920, Chamberlin and Jones 1929, Chamberlin and Berry 1930, Jones 1940a, Woolstenhulme 1942a).

Very few Utah specimens have been reported; Chamberlin and Jones (1929) mentioned 6 specimens including "one weathered specimen", Jones (1940a) listed 1 specimen, and Woolstenhulme (1942a) reported 1 specimen.

Threats to this species in Utah are not known, and data are not sufficient to assess population trends; few Utah records have been published, the latest being in 1942.

Inventory is needed throughout the state to determine Utah distribution and habitat.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

According to Chamberlin and Jones (1929) "[this species] is a high-altitude form, occurring usually above 8,000 feet."


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