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Photo by Daniela Roth
Photo Courtesy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Frisco buckwheat, Eriogonum soredium, a Federal candidate for listing, is known from the San Francisco Mountains in north-central Beaver County, Utah. A member of the buckwheat family, this plant is a densely matted, mound forming perennial. It has a many-branched woody base, with persistent leaf bases, that give rise to flowers with white petals. It blooms June to September. Frisco buckwheat is restricted to gravelly to rocky substrates derived from Ordovician limestone. The species can be found in mixed saltbush and sagebrush communities, and pinyon-juniper woodlands, at elevations ranging from to 1890-2230 meters. It occurs at locations that are potentially subject to threats from mining and nonnative invasive plant species.


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