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Utah Taxonomy

All authors who have commented on this taxon in Utah (e.g., Brooks 1936; Gregg 1941b, 1942; Chamberlin and Roscoe 1948) have used the name "Stagnicola bulimoides techella" for it.

Clarke (1973) regarded this organism as merely a morph of Fossaria bulimoides and not as a valid taxon. Turgeon et al. (1988, 1998), though they have listed it tentatively as a full species, have considered its taxonomic status uncertain.

No subspecies are recognized within this nominal species.

Status in Utah

Three occurrences of this species in Utah have been reported, these being from Duchesne County in northeastern Utah (Brooks 1936) and from Iron and Garfield counties in the southwestern part of the state (Gregg 1941b, 1942). Whether it is more widespread in the state, perhaps occurring in the area between these known localities, is not known.

No information concerning abundance of this species in Utah has been reported. The paucity of Utah records and localities suggests that it is rare in the state.

Although threats to this species in Utah are not known, because it is aquatic and aquatic ecosystems in this state are themselves generally threatened by a variety of anthropogenic impacts, it should be regarded as at least potentially threatened. Population trend of this species in Utah is unknown.

Inventory is needed to determine the distribution and abundance of this species in Utah. The area in central Utah between known localities should particularly be searched.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

Brooks (1936) reported this gastropod in Utah from a "[p]ond ... altitude 10,000 feet." Gregg (1941b) recorded it at a Utah locality also at 10,000 ft and at which he mentioned "a series of springs in a swampy meadow [that] formed brooklets", his specimen(s) presumably having been taken from the springs, the swampy meadow, or the "brooklets". Gregg (1942) again reported this taxon in Utah, this time in a stream at 8,000 ft.


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