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Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

The roundtail chub, Gila robusta, is a fairly large minnow native to the Colorado River system of the western United States. The species prefers large rivers, and is most often found in murky pools near strong currents in the main-stem Colorado River, and in the Colorado River's large tributaries. Although locally common in places, roundtail chub have been reduced in numbers and distribution due to flow alteration and the introduction of exotic fishes. Consequently, the roundtail chub is included on the Utah Sensitive Species List.

Roundtail chub eat terrestrial and aquatic insects, mollusks, other invertebrates, fishes, and algae. The species spawns over areas with gravel substrate during the spring and summer. Eggs are fertilized in the water, and then drop to the bottom where they adhere to the substrate until hatching about four to seven day later.


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