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Utah Taxonomy

This species is represented in Utah apparently by the type (or nominate) race, Helicodiscus eigenmanni eigenmanni.

Status in Utah

This species is known in Utah from only 2 localities, both in San Juan County (Chamberlin and Berry 1929, repeated in Chamberlin and Jones 1929 and Pilsbry 1948).

Only 3 shells of this species are known to have been collected in Utah. Two of these were reported (Chamberlin and Berry 1929) as "weathered" shells, suggesting that they were quite old skeletal material. The third shell (Chamberlin and Berry 1929) apparently was fresh, but it is unclear whether the specimen was alive at the time of collection. Thus, it may be that the species has never been found alive in Utah.

Threats to this species in Utah are unknown but may be few, and population trend of this species in Utah is not known.

Inventory for this species is needed to determine whether this species is extant in San Juan County. Surveys for it elsewhere in southeastern Utah would help to clarify its distributional limits, as well as its status, in Utah.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

No habitat information was provided in the only report (Chamberlin and Berry 1929) of this species in Utah.


  • Text modified from: Oliver, George V. and William R. Bosworth III. 1999. Rare, imperiled, and recently extinct or extirpated mollusks of Utah[:] a literature review. Publication number 99-29. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Salt Lake City. 230 pp.