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Photo by Daniela Roth
Photo Courtesy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Ostler peppergrass, Lepidium ostleri, a Federal candidate for listing, is a narrow endemic to the San Francisco Mountains in north-central Beaver County, Utah. A member of the mustard family, this species is a cushion-shaped, tuft forming long-lived perennial herb. It has a many-branched woody base, with persistent leaf bases, that give rise to flowers with petals that are white or purplish. It blooms June to early July. Ostler peppergrass is a plant of crevices in rocky outcrops of Ordovician limestone where it grows in pinyon-juniper communities at elevations ranging from 1765-2075 meters. It is often found with Frisco buckwheat. It occurs at locations that are potentially subject to threats from mining and nonnative invasive plant species.


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