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Photo by Ben Franklin
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Kodachrome bladderpod, Lesquerella tumulosa, is a Federally listed endangered plant that is a narrow endemic to (it occurs only in) Kane County, Utah. A member of the mustard family, this species is a perennial herb that forms densely matted and depressed mounds. It has a many-branched woody base with persistent leaf bases, has star-shaped hairs, and produces yellow flowers that bloom in May and early June. Kodachrome bladderpod is found on shallow soils that are fine textured, intermixed with shale fragments, and derived from the Winsor Member of the Carmel Formation. Kodachrome bladderpod grows on bare shale knolls and slopes in scattered pinyon-juniper communities, at elevations ranging from 1719 to 1845 meters. It occurs at locations that are subject to off-road vehicle use and domestic livestock grazing.


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