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Photo by J. Scott Altenbach,
Photo Copyright Bat Photography LLC

The western small-footed myotis, Myotis ciliolabrum, is a small bat that occurs in the western United States, as well as in small areas of Mexico and western Canada. The species can be found throughout most of Utah. The western small-footed myotis occurs at a broad range of elevations in many types of habitat. Summer roosting occurs in rock crevices, in buildings, or under loose tree bark, whereas winter hibernation usually occurs in caves or mines.

Females produce one litter of one or two young each year, during late spring or early summer. The species consumes a variety of insects; individuals often forage five to ten feet off the ground over rocks or along cliffs. The western small-footed myotis is nocturnal, with peak activity occurring from sunset until about 2:00 am.


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