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Utah Taxonomy

The species was initially described as Hyalina subrupicola by Dall (1877). Subsequently, Dall (1895) assigned the species to the genus Vitrea. Chamberlin and Jones (1929) placed the species in the monotypic genus Ogaridiscus but this taxon was later submerged as a subgenus of Pristiloma. Ogaridiscus was returned to generic status by Riedel (1980) based on examination of soft anatomy.

The type race, Ogaridiscus subrupicola subrupicola, occurs in Utah.

Status in Utah

This species is known in Utah from a single locality, Clinton's Cave in Tooele County (Chamberlin and Jones 1929).

This species is apparently rare at its only Utah locality. Chamberlin and Jones (1929) commented that Berry and Miner "secured a few living specimens", and they added: "We secured other specimens later, but they are scarce."

The cave that harbors the only known population of this species in Utah is located on property owned by Kennecott Utah Copper. If the population is still extant, its continued existence would be jeopardized by any activities affecting the cave environment.

No attempt to relocate this species in Utah has been reported since 1929; data are not sufficient to evaluate population trends.

Verification of the continued existence of this population is necessary. Clinton's Cave does not appear on topographic maps and is currently considered a "lost" locality.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

This species is found in a cave near the Great Salt Lake. A description of the conditions within the cave where the colony is found is not available.


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