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Photo by Ben Franklin
Photo Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

White River beardtongue, Penstemon scariosus var. albifluvis, occurs in Duchesne and Uintah counties, Utah, as well as in immediately adjacent Rio Blanco County, Colorado. A member of the figwort family, this species is a perennial herb that is 15 to 50 cm tall, with lavender to pale blue flowers that bloom from late May to June. White River beardtongue is found on semi-barren areas on white (infrequently red) soils that are xeric, shallow, fine textured, and usually mixed with fragmented shale. It is found in pinyon-juniper / desert shrub and mixed desert shrub communities, at elevations ranging from 1524 to 2036 meters. Winter sheep grazing is currently the principal use activity throughout the range of this species, and trails through its habitat are commonly observed impacts.


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