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Photo by Bruce Bonebrake
Photo Copyright Bruce Bonebrake

The white crappie, Pomoxis annularis, is a nonnative sport fish that is extremely rare in Utah. The native range of the white crappie includes much of North America east of the Rocky Mountains. In Utah, the species has been stocked in Gunnison Bend Reservoir and possibly other locations. Most crappie in Utah, however, are black crappie.

When young, white crappie eat primarily zooplankton. Larger members of the species eat small fishes and a variety of invertebrates, including insects. Spawning occurs in the late spring over nests that males have constructed on the substrate, usually near submerged vegetation or other cover. After spawning, the males guards the eggs, which hatch within one to five days, depending on water temperature. The white crappie prefers slow-moving turbid areas of warm creeks, streams, reservoirs, and lakes.


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