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Photo by Larry England
Photo Courtesy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Maguire primrose, Primula maguirei, is a Federally listed threatened plant that is a narrow endemic to (it occurs only in) Logan Canyon, Cache County, Utah. A member of the primula family, this species is a perennial herb with broad, spatula-shaped leaves. Stems are approximately four to fifteen cm tall, with each bearing one to three showy rose to lavender-colored flowers that bloom in late April and May. Maguire primrose is found on either north-facing or well shaded south-facing moss covered sites on damp ledges, in crevices, and on over-hanging rocks along the walls near the bottom of the canyon. It grows at elevations ranging from 1550 to 2012 meters. The habitat of Maguire primrose is subject to impacts resulting from highway improvements, recreational rock climbing and hiking, and water development activities.


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