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Utah Taxonomy

Chamberlin and Jones (1929) called this species the plain columnar snail.

This species is monotypic.

Status in Utah

In Utah 10 historical localities have been reported, scattered throughout the state. Two localities are in north-central Utah: Chamberlin and Jones (1929) found this species in Rich County but commented that the identification of these specimens was questionable, and Jones (1940a) provided one locality in Salt Lake County. The remaining occurrences are from the southern third of the state, in San Juan, Wayne, Iron, and Garfield counties (Ferriss 1920, Chamberlin and Jones 1929, Chamberlin and Berry 1930, Gregg 1941a, 1941b, 1942).

The only mention of numbers of this species in Utah has been that of Jones (1940a), who listed 1 specimen.

Threats to the species are unknown. All records of this species in Utah were published prior to 1942. Probably the lack of recent data is not indicative of population declines, but rather the lack of recent inventory efforts for this minute species.

No recent reports of this species are available; the most recent published locality record is from 1942. Clearly, efforts to locate this species throughout the state are necessary to clarify its range and abundance.

This is a minute species, easily overlooked, and is likely underrepresented in most surveys.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

Descriptions of habitats used in Utah are not provided in the available literature.


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