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Referred to by early authors (e.g., Woodbury 1929, Chamberlin and Jones 1929) by the synonym Pupoides marginatus. Chamberlin and Jones (1929) used the common name the plain-margined snail.

No subspecies are currently recognized.

Status in Utah

This species is known in Utah only from Zion National Park, probably Washington County. Woodbury (1929) collected two individuals in there, but, not recognizing them at the time when he collected them, he apparently did not keep detailed collection data and later did not know the exact localities or whether they were both collected at the same locality.

Woodbury (1929) stated: "This snail is apparently very rare in the [Zion National] Park. In four seasons of casual collecting, I have found two shells only."

Threats to this species in Utah are unknown but probably are not great. Population trends are unknown in Utah.

The only account of this species in Utah was published in 1929. Verification of its continued existence in Zion National Park is needed, and it should be sought elsewhere in southern Utah.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

In describing the areas where snails were found in Zion National Park, Woodbury (1929) stated: "The climatic conditions in Zion Canyon are so modified by the half-mile high precipitous walls that many cool shady nooks may be found separated from the exposed hot dry slopes by but the turn of a point or the round of a bend." Not realizing that he had collected this species along with some common species, Woodbury failed to note from which "nooks" this species was taken and was unable to provide more detailed habitat descriptions.


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