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Photo by Tony Frates
Photo Courtesy of Utah Native Plant Society

Gierisch mallow, Sphaeralcea gierischii, a Federally listed endangered species, is known from a very limited range in Washington County, Utah, and immediately adjacent Mohave County, Arizona; 90% of it in Arizona. A member of the mallow family, this taxon is a perennial herb four to ten dm tall, stems bright green and almost or without hairs, with deeply lobed leaves and with orange flowers that bloom from mid-April to early May. Gierisch mallow grows exclusively on the gypsiferous soils of the Harrisburg Member of the Kaibab Formation. “Gypsum mining is an on-going source of habitat destruction … in Arizona (Falk 2010).” Though the Utah population is not threatened by mining, there is “evidence of off-road vehicle (OHV) activity in the area (Falk 2010).”


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