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No subspecies are recognized in this species.

Status in Utah

This species is known in Utah from 3 localities in a fairly small area in the southwestern part of the state: 2 in extreme eastern Washington County (Gregg 1940) and 1 in extreme southwestern Garfield County (Gregg 1942).

Neither of the reports (Gregg 1940, 1942) of this species in Utah provided information regarding numbers of specimens collected or abundance; in fact, it is not known whether living representatives of this species have ever been found in this state.

Threats to this species in Utah are not known but are thought not to be great. Its population trend in Utah also is unknown.

Inventory is needed to determine whether this species is extant at the 3 Utah localities (two in Zion National Park, Washington County, one in extreme southwestern Garfield County) from which it has been reported historically. It should also be sought elsewhere in the state, especially in the southern parts.

This is a tiny gastropod species easily missed in mollusk surveys. In fact, Gregg (1940), reporting the species for the first time in Utah, commented with regard to it: "Previously overlooked because of its diminutive size." Thus, it is possible that the species may be more widespread in this state than records suggest.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

No habitat information has been reported for this species in Utah, although Gregg (1942), reporting the third Utah locality, did mention that it was along a creek, which suggests that he collected the species in a riparian situation.


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