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Utah Taxonomy

No subspecies have ben proposed in this species.

Status in Utah

This species has been recorded in Utah only once, the locality being 2.8 miles west of Vernal, Uintah County (Brooks 1936).

Abundance of this species in Utah is unknown but presumed to be low. Brooks (1936) did not mention how many were found nor whether any were found alive or as fresh shells.

Threats to this species in Utah are not known but are presumed to be few. Population trend in this species in Utah is unknown.

Inventory is needed to determine the current status of this species at the locality west of Vernal where it was historically collected. It should also be sought elsewhere in the Uinta Basin and in other regions of Utah.

Like all of members of the family Pupillidae, this species is difficult to detect and could be more common and widespread in Utah than the single, historical Utah record seems to suggest.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

No description of habitat was provided in the only report (Brooks 1936) of this species in Utah.


  • Text modified from: Oliver, George V. and William R. Bosworth III. 1999. Rare, imperiled, and recently extinct or extirpated mollusks of Utah[:] a literature review. Publication number 99-29. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Salt Lake City. 230 pp.