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Chamberlin and Jones (1929) called this species Zonitoides nitida, the black-bodied leaf snail.

The species is monotypic.

Status in Utah

This species has been reported from 6 localities in the Wasatch Mountains in 4 counties in the north-central part of the state: Cache, Weber, Summit, Salt Lake, and Utah counties (Chamberlin and Jones 1929, Jones 1940a, Woolstenhulme 1942a, 1942b).

All Utah collections of this species have been from localized areas where relatively low numbers of specimens were taken. Jones (1940a) reported individual collections, in Utah, of 10, 4, "several", and 1; Woolstenhulme (1942a) reported 1 specimen; and Woolstenhulme (1942b) listed 2 collections of 4 each.

Because populations are apparently small and localized, they could potentially be affected by random catastrophic events. Since this species is characteristically found at or near water's edge, it is not surprising that flooding has been known to affect its local distribution. Jones (1940a) described this for the population at the mouth of Ogden Canyon: "... [I]n 1927, the first records of Zontioides [sic] nitidus for the state had been taken along the water's edge in Ogden River. This colony had been swept away by floods before 1936. However, a small colony was found during the high water of that year in an overflow of a spring at the mouth of the canyon above the high water mark. Mr. Brizzee found other survivors near the mouth of the canyon in 1939." Population trend in this species is unknown in Utah.

Inventory is needed in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains. Populations in the Wasatch Mountains have not been documented in the published literature since 1942.

Habitats Utilized in Utah

Chamberlin and Jones (1929) found this snail "on the moist banks of streams at the water's edge."


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