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Photo by Breck Bartholomew
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Woodhouse's toad, Bufo woodhousii, is a large toad (up to 5 inches in length) which occurs throughout much of the United States and is common throughout most of Utah. This species can thrive in many different types of habitat, preferring areas with deep soft soils where burrowing is not difficult. Woodhouse's toad is mostly nocturnal and is inactive during cold weather.

Woodhouse's toad breeds in the spring and summer months, laying up to 25,000 eggs per clutch. Eggs and larvae (tadpoles) develop in shallow, often stagnant, water. Adult toads eat a large variety of insects, whereas tadpoles eat mostly plants, detritus, and algae. The coloration of Woodhouse's toads varies a great deal, but the skin is usually dark, with darker irregular spots.


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