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Photo by Breck Bartholomew
Photo Copyright Breck Bartholomew

The zebra-tailed lizard, Callisaurus draconoides, ranges from the desert southwest of the United States into Baja California and northwestern Mexico. In Utah, the species is found only in the extreme southwestern corner of the state, and it is included on The Utah Sensitive Species List.

The zebra-tailed lizard prefers sparsely vegetated desert areas with hard packed soils. Females lay one to five clutches of four to five eggs each year, with more clutches laid in the southern portions of the species' range. The diet of the species consists of insects, spiders, lizards, and occasionally plants.

The zebra-tailed lizard has long slender legs that are well suited for running at high speeds. Zebra-tailed lizards typically have grayish backs and yellow colored sides. The thighs, tail, and sides often contain dark colored bars.


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