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Photo by Erin Guinn
Photo Copyright Erin Guinn

The American mink, Mustela vison, is a weasel-like furbearing mammal with dark brown fur and a white patch under the chin. The species occurs throughout Alaska and Canada, as well as in most of the contiguous United States, with the exception of the southwestern portion of the country. The species may be found in the northern half of Utah, where it prefers wetlands, marshes, and riparian zones, particularly those near forested areas. Individuals are active year-round, and are generally solitary.

Females typically give birth to three or four young during late spring. Mink are primarily carnivorous, with diets consisting of small mammals, birds, insects, and other small animals. The species often dens near water, either in burrows they dig themselves, or in burrows abandoned by other animals.


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