Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Information Requests



To request information concerning rare animal and plant species occurrences in regards to development project reviews, research projects, or other legitimate uses, please send a request to the Utah Natural Heritage Program information manager and provide the following information:


Contact Information:

Contact Person


Mailing Address


Email Address


Description of the location (provide any of the following):

Location Map (USGS quadrangle, aerial photo, or other maps with identifiable geographic features)

Township and Range Description

UTM or Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (specify coordinate system and datum)

Street Address

GIS Shapefile


Description of the project:

Development activities

Research activities

How the rare species information will be used


Due to the number of requests received by UDWR please allow two weeks for a response.


Send requests in writing (email is acceptable) to:


Sarah Lindsey

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

1594 W. North Temple, Suite 2110

P.O. Box 146301

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6301